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Us & Floyd are

Jim Hutchinson - Lead and Rhythm guitars, vocals

Jim started playing Guitar at the age of 11 and was self taught and influenced by the Shadows. his first band was Cert - X,  a school band with 3 mates in 1976. he was aged 13 and that is where his love affair with playing live started. jim has played in many bands since then including a Queen Tribute band Majesty. he also very much fell in love with Pink Floyd after listening to the wall album back in 1979, and after many years of playing pubs and clubs through out the UK in various bands, he decided to                                             form his first Floyd Tribute band called Out The                                                     Flesh back in 2004, which did eventually become                                                   Time To Breathe. this is when jim first met Neil                                                     Smith, Mr Bass man, and miss Sharon Harrison, who                                           continue to play with him today in their new creation                                           Us And Floyd. jim is looking forward to 2018 playing                                           along side a great bunch of guys and ladies playing                                               what he loves the most - Pink Floyd. Equipment                                                     list. Black fender Stratocaster,  Red fender                                                               Stratocaster with David Gilmour EMG Pick                                                             ups, Yamaha Electro Acoustic, Stageclix wireless                                                   guitar system. Hiwatt 100 Lead Amp and Two Hiwatt                                           Hi Gain 4x12 speaker cabinets. Pedal board is a TC G                                           System, TC Nova Drive, Big Muff , Pro Rat, jim                                                       dunlop volume pedal.  back up pedal board is a Line6                                           Live xt Pro.

Martin Porter - keyboards, vocals
Martin is an experienced keyboard player, who started playing at an early age. He has played in many local bands, most notably No Hot Ashes, a well respected Indie Rock covers band, and most recently, The Moles, a long established original and covers 5 piece. Martin has                                                                      been a long time fan of Roger Waters and                                                                Pink Floyd, and is pleased to be a part of                                                                  Us & Floyd. Martin only uses Yamaha                                                                        equipment, and is currently using a                                                                            Yamaha MOXF8 stage, and a MOX6                                                                          Synth.

Darryl Gornall - keyboards, vocals​

Darryl has sang and played keyboards in many bands over the years. 1984: Realto, 1987: Rhythm Method, 1992: Judas Factor,  1992 Tobacco Road, 2005: Retro80,  2007: Dazthesinger, 2009: Full Circle, 2009: 2B40, 2015: Reggae Reggae Daz. In December 2016 Darryl answered an advert from Jim Hutchinson with the idea of forming a Pink Floyd tribute band and the rest is history.​Daz uses Shure and Behringer mics, Roland FA06 Synth, Roland VR-09 Synth, Korg M1 Synth, Yamaha SY77 Synth.​

Wendy Drummond - backing vocals and percussion

Wendy is an amazing vocalist and has performed with some of the greats throughout her musical career. Covering every vocal style from Country Rock to Soul, Mowtown & Funk. Wendy is the newest member of Us & Floyd and the band are very happy to have her on board.

Vicki Harrison- Backing Vocals and Percussion.
Vicki features on backing vocals along with various percussion instruments – tambourine, cow-bell and others. Coming from Australia, Vicki has sung and played percussion in many professional bands and has backed some of Australia’s top known artists. Since moving to England she has continued to perform with several bands, but most recently, Us and Floyd.

paul hemming - lead,rhythm and slide guitars.

​Paul started his musical career playing blues guitar, influenced by artists like Eric Clapton, Peter Green, David Gilmour and Carlos Santana and has played in many bands over the years. Since joining just a few months ago, and as a long-time fan of pink Floyd, Paul is enjoying every minute of playing in Us & Floyd.
• Fender Telecaster deluxe
• Fender Stratocaster '62 re-issue
• Taylor electro/acoustic guitar
                                        • Lap Steel guitar
                                        • Lazy J 20 Tweed Amp. 
                                        • Line 6 - M9 effects unit

Neil Smith - bass and vocals​

Neil has been playing pink floyd songs since 2005, and is relishing the challenge of getting us & floyd on the road, and performing all those classic Pink Floyd songs once again! • Yamaha BB5 5 string bass• Squier Precision bass• Mark bass amplification• zoom bass effects

Charlie Hill - drums

Ben Chappel - saxophones


Paul Clark - saxophones

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