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Happy 2021 Everybody

Welcome to Dazthesinger Website

I'm Daz and I am a Singer, Song Writer, Keyboard Player.

I sing and play keyboards in a UB40 Tribute called 2B40.

I sing in a solo UB40 Tribute Show called Red Red Wine.

I play keyboards and backing vocals in a Porcupine Tree Tribute Band called Porcupine Trees.

I sing in a solo Classic Reggae and Ska Show called Reggae Reggae Daz.

I love singing and performing and it is my way of life now. If I am performing to a venue full of people who are enjoying what I am doing, I am at my happiest. 

My newest venture, Red Red Wine is gaining lots of interest and bookings are coming in. 2B40 and Reggae Reggae Daz are established enough now that I get regular gigs for both at some fantastic venues.

I have been performing as Reggae Reggae Daz now for about 5 years and have gained a great following and play repeatedly at some fantastic venues. I was getting lots of inquiries for UB40 but didn't want to go out as Reggae Reggae Daz does UB40 so I decided to start a brand new act which is Red Red Wine. I have done a couple of these shows and they are fabulous with the audiences really getting into the vibe.

2B40 have been together for 11 years now and it has been a rollercoaster of a ride. It was a gamble at the start with just two guys starting a tribute to an 8 piece band? We did try and find musicians to go with the proper line up but just couldn't find them? We spent the whole of 2008 in the studio recording and programming the backing tracks for our show which paid off in volumes. We still receive comments from people at our gigs who tell us that they thought we were a full 8 piece band before clamping eyes on us.

The hardest band to get gigs for is Porcupine Trees as not a lot of people have even heard of Porcupine Tree. This is understandable as Porcupine Tree were huge on the Modern Prog Rock scene and had a bit of a cult following. Myself and the rest of the guys in the band were all big fans and started the band as a bit of a guilty pleasure. The music isn't the easiest to play and it has been a challenge for every member of the band but we got there and perform over two hours of music.

A lot of folk find it hard to understand how I can be into Reggae and Prog Rock? My answer is that I love most genres of music and I grew up in the 70's listening to Trogan, Bluebeat & Mowtown thanks to my older brother Robert. My mates and I were into 10cc, ELO, Pink Floyd, Status Quo, Wings and The Beatles. 

I jumped on the Two Tone scene in 1979 and fell in love with Ska music. Then Gary Numan came on the scene and I got hooked on Synth music. I was that into it that my Dad bought me my first synth and amp, it was a Korg Poly61 and I loved it.

From there came the birth of my first band, Re-alto. The rest is my history.

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