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This is Cyberspace, welcome.
If you have found this page then you will know what it is all about?
International Progressive Rock Collaberation Project.
Today there are 9 members of this Internet based international band and it is at it's birthing stage. If you happen across it and wonder why there are incomplete songs on here or why there is just a drum track or a bass line then that is because they are probably tracks which Cyberspace are writing at that time.
My name is Daz and I started the group on Facebook through the fantastic Transatlantic group.
Members of Cyberspace as of 11/08/2014
Daz - Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Rebecca - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Lochlan - Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
Tony - Drums
J Michelle - Guitars
Dan - Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Logan - Vocals
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Bm               A 
The green light, that shone above you when you
G                            F#m
Walked in the garden of your soul.
F              C
The red light, that spoke a warning made you
D                             A
Realize that you were getting old.
Bm           A
The pathway, which you had chosen led to
G                   F#m
Where you are right now
F           C
A lifetime, full of decisions that you
D                   E
Made but don't know how
Remember when you was a child surrounded by your friends and
family all the time
When summers seemed to last forever, time seemed to stand still
And everything was fine
But still it catches up with you and soon you realize that
You are now mature
And even though your memories are hard to store away
Within the cabinet inside your
C                    D               E
Brain, sometimes you think you'll go insane, again
So now you take another road which leads you to a place you
Wish you'd left behind
And all your friends and family have turned their backs against you
They haven't got the time
So you just roll into a ball and let your demons fight and
Quarrel, scratch and bite at you
You say you wish you had the comfort of another soul to
F              C                D               E
Stay with you, to lie with you, to carress you, to love you
Coz while you were dreaming
C                         F#m
There was a knock on your door
Was the voice of your concience
C                F#m
To tell you what for
Yes while you were sleeping
C                         F#m
There was a voice in your head
The voice of an old friend
C                F#m
You realised was dead
While you were dreaming
Bm     A           G
So you thought you made it
Bm     A           F
Thought you had it all
Bm     A           G
Climbed the highest mountain
F#m                        F#
Got your invitation to the ball
Bm     A           G
Never felt the seasons changing
Bm     A           F
The storm clouds up ahead
Bm     A           G
Never saw the ice forming
F#m                     F#   Bm
On the pillows, in your bed, in your bed
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