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80's Synthpop Tribute
A few years ago I was involved in an 80's Synthpop Tribute called Retro80. We built up a fantastic collection os classic songs from the era and performed them live most weekends all over the UK.
Retro80 started out as Retro but we added the 80 to our name to be more precise about what we were playing.
Retro80 were
Daz - Vocals & Synths
Vinnie - Synths, Programming, Vocals
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Retro80 - Gold Live
Pete's 40th Birthday Bash in Bromley, kent. Great night Pete is the Geezer shouting for Gold at the start of the clip. Cheers for making it a great gig guys and girls. www.dazthesinger.co.uk
I have loads of live recordings, pictures & demos that I would like to share with everyone who visits my website, so sit back, turn up your volume and enjoy the sound that was the legendary Retro80.
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